Meet your Stanwell Energy Account Manager: Alysha Fossett

You might say that it was written in the stars (above the giant cooling towers at Stanwell Power Station) that Alysha Fossett would end up working for Stanwell Energy.

Growing up near Rockhampton, Alysha grew up with a view of Stanwell Power Station from her parents’ property. She recalls the first time she visited the power generation site, when she was seven, during one of Stanwell’s family open days for the community.

That visit sparked her passion for energy efficiency, and she went on to be awarded an Ergon Energy scholarship to attend ‘Energy Efficiency Camp’ when she was just 11 years old, where she got to visit the 100 per cent renewable energy dependent North Keppel Island, the energy reliant Boyne Island and BHP Mitsubishi Alliances’ (BMA) mine in Blackwater.

Today, a couple of decades later, Alysha is a Stanwell Energy Account Manager, supporting our customers in finding tailored solutions to meet the energy needs of their large commercial or industrial businesses.

“Growing up in Central Queensland, I was heavily involved in the resource sector. One of the things I love most about my role now is learning more about how our customers operate their business, many of which are in the resource sector, and working with them to find a solution that specifically meets their needs,” she said.

“Stanwell Energy customers aren’t just a number on our books, which is why we don’t offer generic ‘off the shelf products’. We are as invested in our customers’ businesses reaching their own goals, which is why we develop tailored solutions for each of our customers.

“Just this week I had a mining customer who was looking for a five-year extension to its contract, which included a power purchase agreement from a renewable energy site close to its operations.

“We didn’t specifically have a renewable project in our pipeline in the customer’s region, but we quickly managed to work with the trading, analytics and commercial specialists across our business to find a local solution for them which met its renewable energy targets, and need for flexibility and affordability.”

Outside of work, Alysha still harbours the passion for energy efficiency and sustainability which was sparked in her childhood, and she has a few sustainability hacks she swears by.

“It may sound basic, but I really try the lifestyle approach, doing all the little things, from meticulously turning off lights, fans and power points when they aren’t in use, rather than leaving them in standby soaking up power, being a diligent recycler, ensuring I always have my reusable alternatives (especially my coffee cup) with me, and purchasing more ethically produced clothing,” she said.

“I also grow a lot of my own herbs and veggies – which gives you a lot of satisfaction from having watched and nurtured something as it grows.

“My own passion for sustainability is something I’m increasingly seeing from our customers – who are now accelerating their progress towards their own net zero targets and aspirations to be members of the RE100.

“It’s great to be able to offer our customers a range of solutions from Stanwell’s own pipeline of renewable projects, in addition to the other green energy options we can access for them in the market, while also keeping prices as low as possible.”

Stanwell Energy’s Account Managers provide around the clock, hands on, expert support for customers, when they need it, with all support and billing provided onshore by the Stanwell Energy team.

“One of the most common questions I’m asked is, ‘what’s going to happen with the price of electricity?’,” Alysha revealed.

“I always joke that if I had a crystal ball, even though I love my job, I would be on a yacht sailing around the world, living my best sustainable life.”

“Of course, no one knows what the spot price of electricity is going to be in the future, but what’s important is Stanwell has the ability to meet the needs of each customer whether it be from our own traditional generation capacity, our growing pipeline of renewable and storage projects or something special that we purchase especially for them.”

Alysha joined Stanwell Energy in 2017. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, or contact us, to learn more about how Stanwell Energy can support your business with its electricity needs.