Meet your Stanwell Energy Account Manager: Nicola Miller

With extensive experience in the real estate and marketing sectors, and a childhood spent across Sydney, Finland and Brisbane, Nicola Miller, has proven she can adapt.

Now one of Stanwell Energy’s Account Managers, Nicola brings that same flexibility to her electricity retail customers, providing tailored agreements which best meet customers’ needs.

Nicola said Stanwell Energy’s biggest differentiator in the large commercial and industrial retail was its flexibility when offering solutions to specifically suit our customers’ operations and requirements.

“We’re always willing to understand the key issues facing our customers and then come up with an energy product that will tick every box for their business,” she said.

“I recently had a customer that didn’t know what the future of their operations (energy load) looked like, so we offered them a more flexible electricity contract. That added flexibility gave them the confidence to lock in a longer-term deal.”

Nicola revealed there was a common theme in the questions most of her customers were asking.

“Every business is wanting to incorporate more and more renewable energy into their contracts,” she said.

“There are so many ways to be green, and we have a range of product options for customers, depending on their budget and the percentage of renewable energy they would like incorporated.

“We have the advantage of having direct access to Stanwell’s wholesale energy trading team, generation from our own assets and our new Energy Futures team, making it really easy to collaborate and provide our customers with a range of renewable energy options.”

Customers also regularly want to know how to lower their electricity costs, and Nicola said the answer to that question depends on the resources available to the client.

“There’s always things you can do, like upgrading your equipment to something more efficient or installing solar behind the meter,” Nicola said.

“The terms and conditions of your retail contract can also be a source of savings. Our Book Build structured products are a great option for customers who wish to build up their energy price over time rather than locking it in upfront. This gives the customer more control over their retail energy price,” she said.

“Soon our new customer portal will make it much more accessible for customers to gain instant access to market prices, but you can always just chat to me, or your Account Manager, to find out more market insights and information about the latest impacts of weather or growth in renewable generation sources coming online.”

Nicola, who has been with Stanwell Energy since 2018, said it was an exciting time to be in the energy industry.

“This sector is undergoing rapid change, but we have the opportunity to be part of that transformation and really make a difference for our customers.”

Some fun facts about Nicola: she plays futsal, volleyball and netball; can play the violin and piano; has two dogs; and is kept very busy by her one-year-old daughter, Adelaide (and husband Lucas!).

On the sustainability front, Nicola has a thriving veggie garden at home, and does her bit for the environment by buying her beer in reusable growlers from a local brewery (shout out to Hudsons’ Brewery), rather than stocking up on cans.

Chat to Nicola today about your business’ renewable energy needs, and the range of flexible solutions Stanwell Energy has available.