Meet our Stanwell Energy Operations Manager: Sharyn Herrod

Born and bred in Brisbane, Sharyn has spent the past six years working for Stanwell Energy in its operations team.

Sharyn initially joined the team as our Customer Operations Officer in 2015, before moving into a leadership role to manage Stanwell Energy’s small, but mighty Customer Operations team.

Sharyn said a typical day involved a range of activities, all with the single focus of delivering for our commercial and industrial electricity retail customers.

“Our operations team manages an inbox which gets hundreds of emails daily from our customers, electrical contractors, billing specialists and Stanwell’s Account Managers – enquiring about anything from scheduling metering appointments, to billing questions,” Sharyn said.

“I love working in operations as it involves hands on problem solving, and it’s a bit behind the scenes – I don’t like being in the spotlight!

“I think the Stanwell Energy difference is that our operations are managed by a team of real humans, sitting in our Brisbane office, enabling our customers to easily connect straight with us – rather than an automated phone system or chat robot.”

Sharyn revealed her team were focused on delivering a range of improvements to their current systems at the moment, which will see Stanwell Energy’s operations even more streamlined and efficient in the near future.

Outside of the office, Sharyn is busy nervously teaching her 16-year-old daughter, Kate, how to drive, and tending to her large native garden.

“I’ve already been through the ‘learner driver’ phase with my 18-year old son, Callum, and I think it’s one of the hardest parts of our parenting journey to date – there’s nothing like the nerves you feel when your child gets behind the wheel of a car,” she said.

“Myer, our big old Rottweiler dog is our third child – and probably the most spoilt!

“I also absolutely love our garden at home – it’s full of native trees and flowers, and I’ve just completed a native bee course so we can start keeping native bees.”

Sharyn also grows a lot of her own fruit and vegetables, which she avidly waters from her 10,000 litre rain water tank, as well as composting her food waste for her garden.

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