Meet our Customer Innovation and Analytics Manager: Chris Reilly

With both engineering (electrical) and ICT degrees, our Customer Innovation and Analytics Manager, Chris Reilly, is cracking the code to customer success.

Since joining Stanwell in 2008, Chris has held a variety of roles across our ICT and Customer Operations teams before moving into his current role, but they have always focused on one thing: improving our customer experience.

Chris said it was the opportunity to work directly with Stanwell Energy’s customers which he had loved most about his job over the past 13 years.

“I like putting solutions in place that are going to improve the experience of our customers,” Chris said.

“Many of our customers are on intricate, bespoke contracts which means there’s a lot of variety in the work we do to meet their needs and go above their expectations.

“One of the biggest projects we’ve been working on recently are some major improvements to our customer portal, to make it easier for Stanwell Energy clients to view their usage, see a breakdown of invoice charges, easily access meter data reports, and search and download invoices.”

Chris’ team set to work on upgrading Stanwell Energy’s customer portal following recent feedback captured in a customer survey.

While the portal has just gone live with its first upgrade, Stanwell Energy’s Customer Innovation and Analytics team has big plans to keep extending the functionality of the system so it can offer advanced reporting and progressive purchasing options for customers.

Chris is also the Chair of the Stanwell Modelling Community which is a multi-team group of analysts focused on the adoption of best practice analytics and next generation technologies.

The Stanwell Energy team has adopted Stanwell’s cloud analytics functionality to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks that are available.

“Customer load forecasting is a perfect application for AI and advanced forecasting techniques,” he said.

“We also want to create more insights for our customers including improved emissions reporting, market data, tariff optimisation and load analysis.”

Outside of work Chris is kept on his toes by his three kids (two girls aged 13 and 11; and one boy age 8) and his Turkish wife who he met while living and working in London years ago.

“I’ve recently taken up a new hobby of woodwork and I’ve been making a new desk with my eldest daughter,” Chris said.

“My wife’s Turkish heritage plays a big role in our lives, in terms of our love of food and becoming part of Brisbane’s Turkish community.

“Up until COVID-19 put a stop to things, we spent a lot of time travelling to Turkey, but I’ve also been to a few more obscure places like Cuba and Madagascar, and even spent one month walking 700 kilometres across Spain.”

When things return to normal, Chris can’t wait to take his family back to Istanbul for another Turkish summer, until then, he’ll be very busy rolling out the next innovation for our Stanwell Energy customers and looking for more ways to improve our customers’ experience.