Meet our Retail Systems Specialist, Justin King

Justin King, Stanwell Energy’s Retail Systems Specialist, is a man of many talents. He’s one of those highly prized, increasingly sought-after IT coders– with more than 14 years’ specific experience in the energy industry (don’t tell our competitors!).

Justin started his career coding more than 25 years ago in the dot com boom, spending several years as a consultant, before finding his way to the niche work of building energy retail billing engines and validation systems.

Today, two-years into his role with Stanwell, he splits his time between the ‘business as usual’ support for Stanwell Energy’s retail operations team and several exciting new IT projects which will further streamline and improve the experience for our large commercial and industrial electricity retail customers.

“We have quite a bit on the go right now – including building a new quoting system and more enhancements to our new customer portal to make it easier for customers to quickly access pricing,” Justin said.

“My favourite thing about working at Stanwell Energy is the team aspect, as it’s great working with an enthusiastic group of people and getting support from different parts of the business.

“I’m learning a lot of intricacies of the energy industry that I’ve never been exposed to before – like the ins and outs of energy trading, and what makes the market tick.”

Justin’s passion for energy trading grew to such heights, that he even gave wholesale pricing a go for his own home’s electricity needs!

“I tried wholesale pricing at home for a while but it didn’t work for me on that small scale,” he laughed as he reflected.

“Instead, I now closely monitor all the energy usage at our house, every day, and make sure we’re fitting our main energy usage in when our solar power is on.

“I’ve switched all of our home lighting to LED downlights, and have everything on timers, including heating our hot water during the day – to put our 10 kW solar system to work.

” Outside of work and his around the clock passion for energy, Justin has two sons who keep him busy and a suite of hobbies.

“Both of my boys are autistic, and one is highly autistic requiring fulltime care so we have to do a lot of managing and keep a flexible structure around our family life,” Justin shared.

“It’s probably no coincidence then that I have a few solitary hobbies which I regularly indulge in, including motorbike riding, scuba diving, visiting the cinemas weekly and developing my own computer games.

“I’ve been riding motorbikes for 30 years, and recently got back into it after a few years off. There’s nothing better than the freedom of riding for hours on end on big open roads.

An avid gamer, Justin’s latest quest is coding his own computer game.

“I really enjoy the interactions I have online with other gamers – and it’s amazing how these people you’ve never met can become friends and build an alliance and community.”

We’re certainly glad to have Justin’s talents, enthusiasm and flair in our team!