Meet our General Manager of Stanwell Energy – Jennifer Tarr

Taking an elective subject in Wholesale Electricity Markets at the University of New South Wales was all it took for Jennifer Tarr to find her calling in the Energy sector.

Jennifer said electrical engineering was something of a common interest in her family growing up with a number of her family members working as electrical engineers. 

“Actually my Dad advised me against becoming an electrical engineer – but I decided to do it anyway. But discovering the wholesale electricity markets that was the game changer for me—this is where I wanted to focus my career,” she said.

“Within a couple of years out of university I was working right where I wanted to be, working in the wholesale market.”

Jennifer has been working with Stanwell for 14 years, initially as a Forward Trader then moving into the Regulatory team and now, she leads a diverse group of equally passionate people in the Retail team.

While some might think working with the one organisation for 14 years is unusual these days, Jennifer says Stanwell’s commitment to customer centricity, its values and the progress and development in renewable energy products keep her motivated and inspired.

“Stanwell is a leader in the retail market when it comes to meeting customer’s unique requirements.  Customers come to us with great ideas, especially with respect to renewables.  I’m really proud to be part of that evolution in customer products.

“The opportunities that I have had working at Stanwell have been incredible.  Stanwell is constantly innovating to meet customer expectation and demand.  An area of particular interest is the work the team is doing in renewable energy.

“Our large pipeline of wind, solar and battery projects are just what customers are wanting. The energy transition is so exciting, it’s a great time to be working at Stanwell.” she said 

Adopting a sustainable approach is not just reserved for Jennifer’s work life.  Jennifer says she tries to  incorporate sustainability into her family’s routines as well.

“I take the opportunity to use alternative modes of transport at home, encouraging my family to cycle or walk rather than jumping in the car. 

“I have three children aged from 1 to 11 and they love the outdoors.  This summer we did several overnight hikes, across Southeast Queensland.  It gives the children a great appreciation for the outdoors and the opportunity to connect with nature. It’s also good for them to have a challenge!” she laughed.