Meet your Stanwell Energy Commercial and Industrial Products Manager: Sam Gaffney

Sam Gaffney brings an unparalleled understanding of the industry to his role as Stanwell Energy’s Commercial and Industrial Products Manager, with over two decades of experience in developing and operating innovative and efficient systems and tools for the energy market. 

Sam is responsible for developing and overseeing all commercial elements of Stanwell Energy’s contracting activities, and works with the Retail Sales team to identify opportunities for new products that are suited to our customers’ needs. 

Utilising his in-depth knowledge of the market and exceptional analytical skills, Sam works to develop Stanwell Energy’s products in line with the commercial, operational and regulatory landscape, and ensures all pricing and contracting strategies for our customers are consistent with the best available intelligence. 

A true renaissance man, Sam is a gifted mathematician, a talented musician, a quiz show champion and even a Rubik’s Cube record holder. He sets the highest performance standards for himself in all aspects of life, and works persistently to exceed those expectations, while fostering a culture of excellence within the Stanwell Energy team. 

Future-oriented and strategic, Sam takes a big-picture, long-term view of the market and Stanwell Energy’s role in it, and ultimately seeks to ensure our retail offering continues to be professional, innovative and ethical as the industry evolves.