Meet your Account Manager's

Stanwell Energy’s Account Managers, with dedicated sales support, are ready to provide our customers with reliable and proactive customer service and tailored electricity solutions.

Our customers have told us what is important to them, and we have made it our business to keep looking for new ways to expand on our offering and services.

Jorge Orjuela

Commercial and Industrial Sales Manager

Jorge joined Stanwell Energy’s team as Commercial and Industrial Sales Manager in January 2022 – drawn to the organisation because of its commitment to investing in new renewable energy projects. He’s spent the past 15 years as an energy broker and enjoys using that experience to help large customers to implement new energy projects (like behind the meter solar and embedded networks), reducing emissions, and developing an energy strategy. Coming from a broker background, he knows the challenges big businesses deal with, and understands the value of listening to customers and coming up with tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

Learn more about Jorge here.

Alysha Fosset Headshot

Alysha Fossett

Senior Account Manager

Alysha Fossett is a Senior Account Manager at Stanwell Energy with over seven years of experience in account management and a diverse background across the automotive, IT, mining, and energy resources industries.

At Stanwell Energy, Alysha is passionate about partnering with businesses to deliver tailored energy solutions that meet the unique needs of her clients and help them thrive in an ever-evolving market.

With a drive to exceed client expectations and a breadth of knowledge on energy solutions such as power purchase agreements (PPA), long-term pricing, hybrid contracting arrangements, and self-management of consumption and environmental certificate requirements, Alysha is well-equipped to support businesses in their de-carbonisation efforts.

She is a natural problem solver with an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, making her an integral part of the Stanwell Energy team.

Alysha was responsible for executing Stanwell’s first renewable energy contracts securing off-take agreements for customers from Stanwell’s pipeline of renewable energy projects in 2022.

Emily Mason Headshot

Emily Mason

Account Manager

Emily Mason is an experienced Account Manager at Stanwell Energy, bringing over 10 years of energy and telecommunications sector experience to her current role.

She specialises in providing proactive customer service and creating positive experiences for customers, making their needs and business objectives the top priority.

Emily is passionate about finding solutions that work for customers and shaping and continuously improving Stanwell Energy’s customer service. Her background in procurement gives her a special insight into the consumer perspective.

With a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Child Development from the University of Leeds in England, Emily moved to Australia in 2007 and has since made it her home.

Her ultimate goal is to foster mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with customers.

Jennifer Tarr

General Manager

Jennifer has been a part of Stanwell for over 10 years and has a wide range of experience and knowledge from her time in trading, regulatory and advocacy roles within the energy industry. In her role as General Manager at Stanwell Energy, Jennifer is responsible for managing Stanwell’s direct retail business which covers all elements of the retail electricity process including sales, account management, market operations and billing. Jennifer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.