About Us

The Stanwell Energy team knows that no two businesses have exactly the same energy needs and requirements. Businesses are constantly evolving.


This has been particularly evident with the current legislative changes within the energy industry – including the development of renewable generation, the closure of traditional coal fired generation and the high price of domestic gas.

We’re flexible as an energy provider and believe that our contracts should be too. That’s why we’re ready to provide our customers with reliable and proactive customer service and solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our customers have told us what’s important to them, and we’ve made it our business to keep looking for new ways to expand our offering and services.

Ensuring the right agreements are in place from the start sets the tone for valuable and productive long-term relationships.


The power of team management.

Our highly qualified management team have the experience and energy to meet the demands of the country’s largest electricity users.

The power
of flexible purchasing options


Stanwell Energy’s retail activities are supported by our extensive trading capabilities across a number of markets. By contracting with Stanwell Energy, our clients gain direct access to the Stanwell energy trading desk.

Comprised of highly skilled, multi-disciplined and experienced individuals, our team has a reputation with customers and counterparties for being innovative and professional in our market operations and dealings.


The Energy Trading team is specifically responsible for:


Hedging Stanwell’s electricity market exposures through trading financial instruments in the OTC, NEM and associated retail markets.
Managing Stanwell’s exposures to a range of environmental schemes and products including hedging and trading LGCs, STCs, ESCs, EISSs and VEECs.
Managing Stanwell’s current or potential exposures to a range of different commodities including coal, diesel, fuel, oil and gas, including any associated foreign exchange exposures.
Managing exposures associated with a carbon price, including purchasing Australian Carbon Units and equivalent offsets.

Energy explainer

The bid stack (a burger stack analogy).


The power of account management.

Our dedicated account managers deliver transparent pricing, timely billing, contract flexibility and the very latest information through regular, personal contact.