Account management and sales support

Stanwell Energy’s Account Managers, with dedicated sales support, are ready to provide our customers with reliable and proactive customer service and tailored electricity solutions.

Our customers have told us what is important to them, and we have made it our business to keep looking for new ways to expand on our offering and services.

Jennifer Tarr

General Manager

Jennifer has been a part of Stanwell for over 10 years and has a wide range of experience and knowledge from her time in trading, regulatory and advocacy roles within the energy industry. In her role as General Manager at Stanwell Energy, Jennifer is responsible for managing Stanwell’s direct retail business which covers all elements of the retail electricity process including sales, account management, market operations and billing. Jennifer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Greig Partridge

Greig Partridge

Manager Energy Solutions

Greig has more than 14 years’ experience in the energy industry across retail and wholesale markets, in trading and risk management roles. He brings strategic insight of energy markets and risk, including those associated with the retail electricity markets and financial products used in managing risks. His extensive experience has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the analytics required in the physical, financial and regulatory environments in which large energy users operate, in order to deliver comprehensive account management to businesses.

Alysha Fossett

Alysha Fossett

Account Manager

With a background in marketing and communications, across the automotive, IT, mining and energy resources industries, Alysha has more than three years’ account management experience, in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Alysha is committed to providing clientele with the best outcomes for their energy requirements and welcomes the opportunity to develop a personalised solution that supports your business in her role as Account Manager at Stanwell Energy.